London Trust Media

The world's first privacy and security focused
accelerator, from the makers of
Private Internet Access VPN.

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Our Mission

We are bringing the internet back to its original state. In the old days, being online meant being in your own private world, where you could explore, learn and create. However, times have changed.

With advances in technology, including but not limited to those in privacy, security, cryptography and peer to peer, we can change things back. No more big data.

We invest in, mentor and support individuals, companies and groups who stand with us in solidarity.

Accelerator Program

We invest in the early stage (seed) of an idea/company. We have very high expectations and are keen for teams who go from idea to delivery without hesitation.

We typically invest from $2,500 to $10,000 and expect participation in our one month launch program, as well as 2-10% equity (usually 5%).

At the end of our program, participants will evaluate whether to extend participation or pitch to investors and partners in our all digital launch events.

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Our Culture

We believe in the internet. We believe in people. And rest assured, we believe in crypto!

No matter where you are, who you are or what your credentials are, feel free to apply.

While there are so many applicants, and unfortunately, sometimes we miss some all stars, if you have a tool to change the world, we will fund you and help you get your product to launch.

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We are not currently accepting applications for funding. Please check back again later.

If you have questions regarding our company or accelerator program, please e-mail us at

Any questions regarding properties or services operated by or seeded by London Trust Media, Inc. should go directly to the property or service. Each of our brands are fully encapsulated. Therefore, the accelerator group will be unable to answer questions regarding other properties and services.